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Beauty Salon & Spa Owners

Do you find competition very intense?  

Are you considering switching to selling skincare but wondering how to convert your treatments to home kits?

Since the pandemic started, salon owners are hit badly. Just like our F&B Owners. With more and more people staying at home and shopping online, laziness can set in. We have helped beauty salon owners convert their treatments to home kits so they can sell online. If you like to do so, we can help you too. Open own e-store or be seen in the eCommerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee etc. You name it, we do it.

Other than providing marketing help, we provide the following services too:

Business Formalisation

This is a necessary step if you are planning to start a new business or introduce a new product line. The business must be scalable, marketable and sustainable. Products and services should be something that people need. We will work with you to formalise your business model.

Space Sourcing & Planning

Whether you are looking for space for your retail store, spa or clinic, we can help you to find a suitable one. We can also help you with space planning.

HR & Operations Management

We provide human resources consultancy and management by looking at your current resources and plan for future needs. We work with you in preparing operations protocols and workflow so that your staff will know what to do. You can focus on marketing to grow the business.

Technology Readiness

Software and hardware are almost the necessities in business. It can be daunting when comes to dealing with software developers. We have years of experience in overseeing the development of CRM/ERP, from start to finish and to live.

Marketing & Growth Optimisation

Our goal is to find the right strategy for you to acquire leads and convert them into clients.

Business Progress Review

The most important step in a business. Having a progress review helps to ensure you achieve KPIs. We work with you to identify business opportunities and pitfalls so you can ensure your growth and journey is smooth.

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