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Your Trusted Partner in Business & Event Management

Getting competent staff to work for Start-ups, Small Companies or Non-Profit Organisations can be tough and/or expensive these days. We can relieve your pain by providing help where you need it and when you need it.

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Who We Are

With 12 years of experience in Marketing, HR, Operations, Events and IT Projects covering the fields of Hospitality, Skincare, Medical Aesthetics, Recruitment and Non-Profit Organisations, we help our clients regain focus in growing their businesses. We want to help you too!

What We Do Best



Did you know that close to 40% of projects risk failing, and 80% overrun by more than 3 months? Such issues lead to high costs and losses. What seems expensive to pay for a project manager is often less costly than not having your project completed on time. As the project manager engaged by you, we will understand your needs to align with your expectations and ensure that your vendors and staff finish their assigned tasks and deliverables on time. If delays become unavoidable, we will work out the next best alternative for you.

Types of Projects Done: ERP/CRM Development l Skincare Product Development l Medical Aesthetic Clinic Opening l Website Development l PHMC Regulations Advisory & more



We focus on every little detail. From the initial concept to D-day, we are here to ensure that you have a smooth and successful event, always keeping your wishes and vision in mind.


Examples of Projects Done: FIAP Philatelic Exhibition l Macao Tourism Board Roadshows l SOE Award Ceremony l World Memory Championship l Rainmaker Corporate Events l MomBoss Market l Business Seminars



When you start or have a business, you will be busy fighting market competition challenges. Falling prey to risks of doing business is something you want to avoid as much as possible. We help analyse, identify, measure and mitigate risk exposures, giving you certainty and confidence to focus on growing your business.



Resources can be divided into 2 parts – People and Systems. A successful outcome requires the right people and systems. Knowing what resources you have and who/what you need is important. We will sit down with you to brainstorm on the necessary talents and systems and help you get them in place.



You may be able to generate posters, social media images and videos for business by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), but if you want a design that effectively incorporates your brand message, or you want to convert a flat 2D object to 3D, AI alone is unlikely to give you exactly what you want, and that is where we can help nail it for you!

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What Clients Said About Us

Other consultants may put up a long list of their clients; we do not. We respect our clients' confidentiality. They will be willing to speak for us on a request basis.

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Singpex 2019
Singpex 2019
Singpex 2019
Singpex 2019
Singpex 2019
Macau Tourism Seminar
Macao Tourism at NATA 2023
Macao Tourism at NATA 2023
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Spirit of Enterprise
Spirit of Enterprise
Spirit of Enterprise
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